Physical Education

True Health is mind, body and soul!

Mr. Marc McPike is the Physical Education Teacher at St. Ignatius School.  The Physical Education program is broken down into two different strands; Basic Motor Movement Development (K-2) and a Sports Based Outcome Approach (Grades 3-8).  In both strands, all students are given an opportunity to develop their skills in a safe, inviting, Christian based community, accepting of all abilities, with a wide range of activities.

Physical Education Class Routines

1. Change into P.E. clothes (Grade 2 and up)
2. Complete Daily warm-up (Monday- Friday Posters).
3. P.E. lesson

Physical Education Guiding Principles

1. We believe in the development of the whole child – spirit, mind, and body.

2. We promote an appreciation for a variety of physical activities for the development of life-long activeness and personal fitness goals.

3. Our program values a respectful, collaborative partnership among parents, students and coaches directed by the school’s Athletic Department, school administration, and the M.C.S.A.A.

4. We ensure that our shared values permeate our interactions with one another and the M.C.S.A.A. Schools both on and off the playing court.

5. We believe all eligible students (grades 6-8) who are interested in participating on a St. Ignatius athletic team have the right to a team placement determined by the Skill Assessment Workshop process.

6. We believe in constructing our school teams according to the number of athletes interested and the combined developmental level of the students. Team entries into the M.C.S.A.A. Leagues are at the discretion of the Athletic Department.