I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.  Socrates

HochNorine Hochkievich teaches in the library and the adjacent computer lab at St. Ignatius School. She feels blessed to share this space with Mrs. Plewes, the library assistant. Mrs. Hochkievich and Mrs. Plewes also share a great love of literature and are excited to be able to share this even further, with all the students at St. Ignatius.

The computer lab at St. Ignatius is a busy place that allows teachers to infuse technology into all subject areas. Mrs. Hochkievich works closely with all the grades and together they are constantly exploring the ever-changing world of Information Technology.

February is “I Love to Read Month” at St. Ignatius School.  Please check out the “I Love to Read” calendar and participate in the activities.  We will have daily draws- winners will be able to choose a gift from the prize cabinet in the gym foyer.  Have fun and read lots!


God of the heavens and the earth,
We ask you to slow our steps and quiet our hearts
that we may notice what is going on around us-
instead of storming through our busy lives.
Open our hearts to the one in need;
open our souls to the beauty of the world around us.
Help us to lift up our hearts and rejoice!