Students in grades 7 and 8 attend home economics and industrial arts classes at Kelvin High

School through the provision of a shared service agreement with The Winnipeg School Division.

Classes take place one afternoon of each six-day school cycle (day 4).

On each day 4, students will be required to eat their lunch at school and will be dismissed at 12:35 p.m. to walk as a group to Kelvin High School. Students who normally eat their lunch at home must return to St. Ignatius School in time to walk with their classmates to Kelvin High School. Students will be dismissed from Kelvin High School at 3:30 p.m. and should go directly home or return to St. Ignatius School. As ambassadors of our school, students are expected to conduct themselves with maturity when travelling between schools on these days.

Industrial Arts and Home Economics

Students will rotate through four areas at Kelvin High School.  The following courses make up the areas of rotation:

 Industrial Arts


An introduction to the safety, products and processes used in modern metal fabrication with the emphasis on a hands-on approach.  Students will build up to five small projects during this portion of the Technology Education rotation.  The second year of Art Metal offers a greater degree of difficulty and skills.


An introduction to woodworking with emphasis placed on personal safety, shop safety, woodworking hand tools, some power machines and wood processes.  Through the use of hand and power tools, two or three projects are completed in the term.  Students have the opportunity to work independently in an industrial setting that is fun, positive and productive.

Home Economics

Programs offered in Home Economics include Food and Nutrition and Clothing and Textile Labs.

  Clothing and Textiles

Students will learn safety expectations, identify basic pattern symbols, operate a sewing machine and follow written instructions to construct a simple garment.