Board Members and Portfolios

Your Board of Directors is an advisory board comprised of school parents and/or parish members.  We deliberate on matters concerning budget, policy, and direction, while always focusing on our mission.  Our school is grateful to the individuals who provide their vision and leadership through their expertise, dedication, time and generosity.   Your 2014-2015 Board of Directors is listed below:

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Parish Administrator:   Fr. Frank Obrigewitsch, s.j.

Chairperson:   Andrew Hirst

Past Chairperson:   Rob Merello

Vice Chairperson:  Open

Finance:   John Waller

Human Resources:   Bob Lewin

Development:   Kristen Wilson

Communications:   Open

Building & Maintenance:   Sheri Griffiths

Health and Safety:   Sergio Almeida

SISPAC Representative:   

Promotions:  Open

Policy: Christine Van Cauwenberghe

Member at large: Michael Belkin

Principal: Jeannine Pistawka

The Board is a corporate entity known as St. Ignatius School Inc., which was established on August 29, 1979.  Board members are considered “directors” on the Board of Directors of the corporation.  Directors can be elected or appointed and may serve up to two three-year terms.  General By-law No. 1 stipulates the Board can have up to 20 directors with seven of those being elected.  The Pastor is an ex-officio member of the Board and can appoint up to 10 directors at his discretion.

The positions of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson are annually elected from the existing Board of Directors.  The position of Treasurer is appointed by the Board and the incumbent acts as chairperson for the Finance Committee.  He/she also sits on the Parish Finance Council.  The role of Secretary is provided by the school’s Administrative Assistant.