Guiding Principles

Choosing St. Ignatius School for your child’s education is a commitment to a faith community enriched by quality education. Throughout their journey at St. Ignatius School, our students learn to read, write, and count; deepen their faith; and better understand who they want to be in the complex society in which we live. Their journey from nursery to grade eight needs to be balanced in body, mind, and spirit, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our curriculum, our community interactions, and the decisions we make at St. Ignatius School are shaped by a shared set of values that we wanted to clearly articulate: we call them our Guiding Principles.

What are they?

The Guiding Principles enable us as a community to describe what we do. The principles are the foundation of our academic environment and our community connections; they shape the choices we make.

How were they created?

The process began in January 2008 with a four question survey completed by school staff, Jesuit staff, and school board members. The questions were designed to help these stakeholders articulate what we do and how we do it well. The information from the survey was compiled into central themes and statements, and further edited and approved by the Board of Directors, the Jesuit staff team, the faculty and support staff, and the active members of SISPAC. These were presented to the parish Pastoral Council and shared with the parish community in the fall of 2008.

How will we measure our success in holding ourselves accountable to these principles?

We invite you to comment on our successes anytime that you see something that fits and also when you see something that doesn’t. We also plan to distribute a survey in 2009 that will enable our parents to reflect on how we put these principles into action.

Our Community Commitment for Over 100 Years

We value community, as something beyond what is determined on a map. Rather, it is a shared set of values that inspires us to search out and sustain academic excellence and faith formation. We take pride in being rooted in a parish community with over 100 years of commitment to education.

Since its inception in 1908, our parish has been steeped in the tradition of providing a quality Catholic education to all parishioners. Our school’s founders, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, and the Jesuits, are strong proponents of Catholic education. Under their guidance, one of the first missions of the parish was to open our school in 1912. We have continued to uphold this tradition and our mission to promote Catholic education rooted in the spirituality of finding God in the world and in all things.

St. Ignatius Parish supports the school as its primary mission and believes that all children should be able to access quality Catholic education. This community puts faith into action by supporting our school with its time, talents, prayers and finances.

Our commitment as a community is rooted in our history knowing that grandparents, parents, and now their children have come to St. Ignatius School. Our faith, values and support transcend the challenges that occur from day to day or decade to decade. At St. Ignatius Parish, we have over 100 years of practice in meeting the changing needs of families.


Our school is a place of academic excellence.

  • We follow the curriculum set out by the standards governing education in the Province of Manitoba;
  • We hire dedicated, faith-centered teachers and educational assistants who continually pursue professional development opportunities in order to strengthen and develop their professional skills;
  • We take a proactive approach to early years education and intervention by providing educational assistants for kindergarten to grade 3 classes and most other classes;
  • We create a dynamic, challenging environment that respects students differing levels of abilities and motivates them to fully develop their unique talents and skills;
  • We work collaboratively with parents to help students bridge the gap between potential and performance;
  • We know that the pursuit of academic excellence fosters a life-long love of learning and active citizenship;
  • We recognize that student engagement, ownership, and accountability are enhanced by providing leadership and mentoring opportunities for students.
  • We are proud that many of our students successfully gain entrance into faith-based high schools of their choice such as St. Mary’s Academy, St. Paul’s High School, St. Maurice School, St. Boniface Diocesan, and Linden Christian;
  • We see the achievements and contributions of our graduates in their academics, their careers, and their commitment to our community.

Our school is a place of faith formation.

  • We believe that parents are the primary faith educators of their children;
  • We instruct our students in the Catechesis of the Catholic Church;
  • We believe that ongoing spiritual development of staff members is an important part of supporting them in their role as Catholic educators;
  • We provide, in collaboration with parents, preparation for the sacramental rites of First Communion, First Reconciliation, and Confirmation;
  • We practice our faith values through age appropriate daily prayer, religious education classes, and whole school liturgical celebrations;
  • We provide students with regular opportunities to participate in the sacraments in liturgies within the school and parish communities;
  • We ensure that our shared values permeate our interactions with one another and provide us with a common vocabulary;
  • We believe in putting our faith in action through community service experiences and social justice initiatives.
  • We teach our students to research, discuss, and respond to needs within our community.

Our school values a collaborative partnership amongst parents, teachers, students, staff and parish community.

  • We ensure ongoing communication between school staff and parents;
  • We welcome parent and parishioner participation in many aspects of school life;
  • We have a volunteer Board of Directors whose members are representative of the diversity of talent within our school and parish community. Parents of school children and parishioners are welcome to become Board members. The St. Ignatius School Board of Directors works collaboratively with the Principal and Pastor in creating and fulfilling our mission;
  • We have a parent advisory council (SISPAC) which puts its faith into action by providing leadership, building community, and inviting all parents to be informed and active.

Our school cultivates a nurturing, safe environment based on discipline and structure.

  • We value student safety, and practice safe school procedures in accordance with the Safe Schools Charter of the Province of Manitoba;
  • We communicate our expectations to students and uphold high standards of behaviour according to Christ’s teachings;
  • We expect our students to be accountable for their actions;
  • We discipline with dignity and respect;
  • We build community through forgiveness and reconciliation;
  • We communicate openly with parents.

Our school is committed to educating students of diverse economic, religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

  • We celebrate our ethnic diversity and find ways to explore it in our classrooms;
  • Families contribute financially to the parish to the best of their abilities as recommended by yearly guidelines.