Grade Two

Be the Best You Can Be


CeneriniCarol Cenerini is the grade two teacher along with Mrs. Taylor at St. Ignatius School. She enjoys working and learning with her students. In grade two, students journey together through the preparations for First Communion. This is certainly a special time which brings together families and the church and school communities.

Guiding them to see themselves as citizens of both a school and the community at large, Mrs. Cenerini looks for opportunities to increase her students’ awareness of helping those around them. She strives to help her students grow in all aspects of what it means to be a responsible, knowledgeable, and caring person.

Connie Taylor teaches science in both grades 2 and 4. She enjoys the enthusiastic and inquisitive nature students bring to this area of study. Mrs. Taylor is inspired by music and art, and loves to find creative ways to integrate the arts into the classroom.


Winter Season Theme – What I Love About Winter

Brrrr…… The cold snowy season is upon us and during these cool winter days we have explored the fun things we love about this season. Students have composed their own list in a form of a poem of what they love about winter.


What I Love About Winter 

Frozen ponds

Snowy lawns

Ice skates

Pretty lakes

Snowy trees

Seeing seas

Snowball fights

Nice nights

By R.M.


What I Love About Winter

Fat snowmen

Yummy cocoa

Jolly Santa

Lights that glow

Christmas tree

Winter storms

Ice blocks

Bright decorations

Fun sleeping

by S.P.




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