Dress Code

Policy Statement

All students and staff at St. Ignatius School should be dressed in neat and clean clothes and be well groomed. Specific guidelines when representing the school in the community at large must also be adhered to.


Based on the school mission-to provide quality spiritual and academic growth based on the principle that every child is created in the image of God-personal attire and appearance choices are to reflect the values of being a child of God and the self discipline He calls us to. The school dress policy is intended to support students in serving as witnesses and ambassadors to God and the school.

The physical education dress requirements are intended to promote the value of physical education for our students and the St. Ignatius School Physical Education and Athletics Guiding Principles.

A.  Daily Dress Requirements:

  1. Tops must have fronts, backs and be long enough to tuck into bottoms.
  2. Tops that have spaghetti straps, or are cropped, halter, tube, tank, or muscle shirts are not acceptable.
  3. No exposed midriff is allowed.
  4. Bottoms can include shorts or skirts that are no shorter than mid thigh, pants or capris.
  5. Jeans and jogging pants are acceptable providing they are neat, clean, hemmed and not cutoffs.
  6. Pajama pants or other sleepwear are not allowed.
  7. Children are required to have a separate pair of running shoes for gym/indoor use.
  8. Clothing graphics must be appropriate, must not contain any obscene language, or advertise such products as alcohol or cigarettes. Other items are left to the discretion of the Principal.
  9. Items containing elements that are contrary to the Catholic concept of dignity for all persons are not permitted.
  10. When questions or clarity of the above may arise the Principal’s discretion will be considered final.

 B.  Physical Education Dress Requirements:

  1. The physical education uniform (P.E. uniform) requirements will be phased in as specified in Schedule A.  As of September 2012, the physical education uniform will be mandatory for Grades 18.  
  2. The physical education uniform consists of white socks, non-marking running shoes and the St. Ignatius School t-shirt, shorts and/or St. Ignatius School sweatpants.
  3. All P.E. uniform items with the exception of socks and running shoes will be purchased at the school.
  4. For intramural or sports teams practices, track and field events and running club, students must wear the St. Ignatius School P.E. uniform.
  5. For athletic team games, students must wear St. Ignatius School shorts with the team jersey.
  6. The P.E. uniform t-shirt and shorts may not be worn to regular classes.

C. Enforcement:

  1. The school faculty and administration will enforce the St. Ignatius School Dress Policy.
  2. Interpretation and application of the uniform standards will be at the discretion of the school administration.
  3. Students who do not have their uniform for P.E. class will receive consequences intended to: 1) support their participation in class; 2) be instructive about the reasons for having the required dress; and 3) to prompt goal setting and personal responsibility for physical education.  Parents will be contacted when a student has not brought the P.E. uniform to class more than two times per term.
  4. Formal administrative procedures will result if a student demonstrates continued non-compliance with the school dress requirements.